Our first big contract began

Wingham Wildlife Park

This week was the beginning of Wingham EDF and we got off to a great start. Our first big contract awarded is to complete a full design and installation of a new mains electrical upgrade to Wingham Wildlife Park. This includes a new panel board, and reconfiguration of the back up generator supplies to the park.

We have also been awarded the contract to install the new mains supply to the new Tiger enclosure at the top of the park.

The photos show the delivery of some large SWA cables. These are going to be used to reconfigure the main supply and facilitate the new Tiger enclosure.

We also have photos of the start of the new generator change over configuration.

We will keep you updated on the progress of this project.

Big thanks to our trusted client Wingham Wildlife Park for allowing us to show what we can do.

Preparing for the UKPN main installation

Wingham Wildlife Park

Preparing for the UKPN main installation.

As part of our mains upgrade at Wingham Wildlife Park, we have had to engage with UKPN to install a new main supply to the park, UKPN have specific criteria to meet when installing ducting. 

Our team, along with the Wingham Park civil team have installed the ducting and enclosure required to allow the new supply to be installed in the near future. As this was a drive over, we needed a depth of 600mm which the team have achieved. We also needed sand cover and specific UKPN electrical tile tape.

Preparing for the UKPN main supply

Wingham Wildlife Park

The team at Wingham EDF installed the Kiosk for the new UKPN main supply at Wingham Wildlife Park. The concrete base was installed in conjunction with the civil team at Wingham Wildlife Park, this has the specific UKPN ducting installed to the left, to allow room for the new main supply head.

We have installed 2No 6” ducts to accommodate the cables that will supply our new panel board. We have also installed a switch fuse for local isolation and a 12” trunking to allow for the cables from the new main supply head to our switch fuse.

Kitchen & Utility Rewire


Wingham EDF was tasked with a kitchen & utility rewire for a local client. This kitchen consists of new lights, sockets, cooker circuit and 10 new appliance circuits that will be controlled from the grid switches we are going to install in the utility room.

The photos show the first stages of the wiring, with the cables chased into the wall and other cables run to the area where the island will be installed in the future.

TV Sockets


Small job for Wingham EDF chasing in a few sockets for the location of a new TV, we also chased in a 50mm pipe so that the client can run the HDMI cable in the wall, hiding them from sight.

This is now ready for the plasterer to come in and make good the chases. These sockets are isolated, we will have to come back to connect and test when the plasterer is done making good.

Floodlight for a desk

Wingham Wildlife Park

Installation of a small floodlight for a desk that will be put in the reptile house at Wingham Wildlife Park, using Black plastic conduit and an external switch and a 10w floodlight.

Wireless Fire Alarm System

Wingham Wildlife Park

The team at Wingham EDF installed a Wireless fire alarm system in the offices at Wingham Wildlife Park. We carried out a full wireless survey to ascertain the locations of the signal boosters.

The fire alarm consists of smoke detector, smoke detector/sounders, heat detectors, call points and strobes. This system has been fully designed installed and commissioned by us at Wingham EDF.

The beauty of the wireless systems is that there is no need to run cables all over the property, making the installation aesthetically pleasing and cutting down the labour time to install.

This system which consists of 52 devices was installed in less than 3 days.

If you have any questions about our range of wireless and wired fire alarm systems, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Electrical Installation Condition Report


Wingham EDF carried out a full EICR (Electrical Installation Condition report) of an apartment in London for a client this week. The installation is in good condition, it was only about 10 years old, so not very old compared to some installations.

Unfortunately whilst carrying out the EICR the RCD didn’t pass the RCD test. The regulations state the testing on RCD’s should be carried out at 0 degrees & 180 degrees. The RCD failed when tested on 0 degrees as the picture shows, the RCD didn’t activate before 300ms as stated by the regulations (BS7671).

This demonstrates how important regular testing is, because this could have had serious consequences. If there was an incident in the apartment and the safety device didn’t operate, someone could have got an electric shock which can be life threatening.

This was immediately reported to the client and the circuits were isolated, luckily the property was empty so there was no impact on anyone living in the property. The client immediately instructed us to replace the RCD which we did, now the installation is safe and ready to let back out to tenants.

X-ray Machine Safety Cutout

Wingham Wildlife Park

Installation of a safety cutout for the Xray machine that will be installed at Wingham Wildlife Park. This system will cut the power to the xray machine should the red light not operate. This is essential for the safety of the staff using the X Ray machine.

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